Friday, April 25, 2014

What to change? “Go-Stop” (Project: Localizing “Go-Stop” #5)

In the previous posts, I talked about why I think the Japanese Flower cards used in the game of “Go-stop” are problematic. Now let’s go talk about what should be changed.

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The more obvious thing is the cards. Considering that there is no actual reason to use the Japanese Flower cards, you could just convert them to some facsimile of basic poker cards. Poker cards are only required to convey 2 types of information. While Go-stop requires 3 types of information, there is no real reason that it could not work. I provided a description of the information in the previous post. Here is an excerpt.

The first is the number groupings. These groupings are used for matching cards in order to take the cards out of play for one’s point collection. With the Japanese “Flower cards”, these groupings are the 12 month of the year.

The next information type is the “Grades” of the cards. There are five different types of value categories among the Japanese “Flower cards”.    In order to score, you need to collect a number of cards with the same “grade”. With the Japanese “Flower cards”, these grades are…

The last type of information is the special attributes. These special attributes come into play during the scoring process. They provide bonus points to the player depending on whether specific requirements are met. Usually these are displayed as a variation of the card’s grade.

The conversion to poker card format may also help with reducing the aggressiveness factor usually displayed when Koreans play the game. It is common to see cards being tossed and smashed down on the table. This may be the reason the Flower cards are made of plastic. Or the causality may run in the opposite direction.

It’s the whole “Chicken or Egg” thing.

To be frank, the terminology of Go-Stop is actually an incorporation of what Koreans consider very low class vernacular.

Think what Americans would call hoodlum or street speech.

You cannot use Go-stop terminology in any respectable conversation. Not only would it be rude, a lot of people would not know what you were talking about. In comparison to poker, Go-Stop does make poker seem like a gentleman’s game.

This adaption to a poker cad format is not much of an issue. Here is an example. First just keep the number groupings as “numbered” months. Month 1 (Janurary),…month 12 (December). If you want to keep the Asian vibe to the cards, you can do 1 , …,12 .

With the Grades” of the cards, you can just convert them into a “Platinum”,” Diamond”, “Gold” ,”Silver”, “Bronze” value hierarchy. The special attributes could be displayed by some symbols like a “+”,”-“ or even graphics .

The next thing would be to indicate on the cards the scoring methods for each Grades” of the cards. The following illustration is the basic scoring method.

The resulting card could look like something like the following. I give it a nickname of the “Kang Ji-hwan” card.

Which is the card equated to …

Another example of the “Kim Soo-hyun” card.

Which is the card equated to …

It is easier to count how much points you have. When you have 3 Kang Ji-hwan cards, it is easy to know that you have 3 points.

The Korean drama theme is a wish list thing. The image usage costs would be too high or will they?

In any case, those are just flavor.

What do you think? It is just a concept at the moment.

In the next post, I think I’ll go over the need for a meta-game to counter the gambling aspect of the game of Go-stop.


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